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Edvilor Ilano

BS Arch / UAP / ACI

Registered Architect PRC no. 0042363

Ed is a professional business leader. Staying true to his instinct is what gave him success in establishing three companies in his former years and up to date. He always dreams of something grand, always aspiring to go above and beyond the standards. His love for architecture is what drives him to co-found iARCH. When not at work, he enjoys spending time with family to balance the stress of workload.


Today, Ed shares his expertise as Project Management Director for iARCH Incorporated, joining with strong background in construction business, he is determined to elevate iARCH as a well-known company in delivering high performance projects. He understood the local market very well and has always been advance in adapting to our ever-changing environment.


Prior to iARCH, he worked as Managing Director for CE3 INC. foundation specialist firm for 12 years, Director of American Concrete Institute Philippines Chapter from 2018 to present, then he founded EA Groundtech Engineering Services. His qualification for construction is already established upon joining iARCH.


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